Drain cleaning, root extraction and removing concrete from pipes

Yes, you read correctly, We are able to remove solid concrete from a pipe.

We clear debris and tree roots from waste water systems and storm water lines using a range or technological marvels.

We have a range trailer mounted diesel powered high pressure water drain cleaning machines, and make use of the picote miller tools to grind away even the most stubborn drain blockage.

Our tools restore the inner surface of the pipe to its original condition, so that we may rehabilitate the pipeline in a way that ensures the minimum change in pipe diameter. This ensures the best flow rate after we have rehabilitated your pipework.


We have a large fleet of high pressure drain cleaning machines, to clear pipe work ranging from 50mm through to 300mm diameter pipes.

Our electrical units are predominantly used for residential clients, whilst our diesel powered commercial jetblasters are able to remove even the most stubborn blockage.

Our trailers carry a large volume water storage tanks to ensure that we are efficient and fast.

These water-jetting units are fitted with the latest rotating water-jet cutting heads which remove deposits such as grease, sand, silt and roots.Each unit carries a minimum of 260m of ¾” hose, a wide range of jet nozzles, bombs and cleaning heads.