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We conduct CCTV pipeline inspections on pipes ranging from 50mm diameter upwards.

This technology allows us to point out structural problems within the pipe, which assists in finding the most cost effective method of repair.

Our leak detection teams have over a decade of experience in tracing leaks in domestic, industrial and commercial and civil buildings. Our detailed reporting includes footage which proves our findings and allows the client to make an informed decision.

Drain Inspection Diagnostics

Eyes underground

We provide pipe inspection services to Councils, plumbers, civil contractors, engineers, private contractors, and homeowners.

The CCTV inspection footage is recorded, allowing for reporting and documentation. All our cameras are fitted with high-powered sondes that, when combined with our locators, allow us to pinpoint any areas that are in need of repair or further inspection.

The CCTV pipe inspection images are transmitted to an onboard high resolution screen to enable prompt detection of any defects or abnormalities in the pipeline, and MPEG formatted reports on USB or DVD are compiled.

Photographs can be captured directly from the high quality CCTV pipe inspection survey video, and short video clips help provide evidence of incidents such as water ingress. We offer detailed analysis and report defects plus the ability to do post-rehabilitation surveys. “Before” and “After” photographs can be printed out together as evidence that repairs have been carried out correctly.

Facilities are also in place to provide onsite USB/DVD’s of the captured survey should this be necessary.

All captured surveys are uploaded to our unlimited storage on google drive and can be shared with whomever the client allows.  Further copies of disks or printed reports can be provided if requested.

Our high tech CCTV pipe inspection units are used around the world to assess and report on the conditions and inhabitants of foreign materials in sewer, stormwater and other drainage systems, to produce manhole inspection surveys, and to locate underground stormwater and sewerage pipes.